Plumbing Repair Cost Guide

Plumbing Repair Cost Guide

Plumbing Repair Cost Guide

The cost of plumbing repairs is hard to determine, but it will vary depending on the type and severity. To get an idea for how much each common plumbing services might cost head over our guide below:

Clogged drain - The average cost for a clogged drain is around $150.

Faucet repair - The cost of replacing an old or broken fixture depends upon what type and severity of damage it has caused as well as whether parts need replacement which typically runs around $250.

Pipe bursting repair - The cost of repairing a burst pipe is between $100 and 200 per foot. The price may vary depending on how bad the water damage is, but it's usually around 1k-2K total with both clean up and repair.

Toilet Repair Or Replacement - Intermittent flushing of a toilet is no doubt an annoying and costly problem. The cost for solving this issue can range from around $200-500, depending on how complicated the repair needs to be done.

Kitchen sink clog - You'll probably pay around $300-$500 total, depending if it's a single sink or a double sink.

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