Three Tips For Protecting Your Property’s Drainage After a Wet Winter

Three Tips For Protecting Your Property’s Drainage After a Wet Winter

After a wet and rainy winter, it is important to take steps to protect your property's drainage system. Poor drainage can lead to problems like flooding, property damage, and decrease cleanliness. Below are some simple tips to consider when going over your properties drainage system.

Clean out your gutters and downspouts: Gutters are the best and easiest way to control water runoff. If your gutters are in good condition and installed correctly, they should help alleviate water building up and pooling next to your property. It is also important to clean your gutters to keep them flowing debris free. overflowing gutters can cause leaks in your ceilings, or walls. Naturally, gutters fill with debris such as leaves, twigs, and dust. Cleaning your gutters annually can help keep them protected and prepared for rain.

Inspect your property's grading: The slope or grading of your property can also affect drainage. If land slopes down towards Buildings or structures water may pool and accumulate. Long term this can potentially damage the property foundations. It is important to make sure that the land slopes away from your home or property to prevent water from draining into your structure. You always want to remove the water from the building. Stormwater can also be used to replenish the aquifers, we will talk about that in another blog.

Install a drainage system: If your property is prone to flooding It is probably time to install a drainage system. Installing storm drains on your property can help redirect water away from your property and prevent flooding. When the rain comes a good drainage system should be able to effectively drain the water away from the building. It is important to to make sure that these drainage systems need are clear. Tree roots will grow into them blocking them up and stopping water flow.

Hopefully, with these tips, you are able to protect your property's drainage system and avoid costly damage from water accumulation and flooding. Remember to stay on top of these issues and be prepared for when the rain comes. Ensuring that your property can properly drain water can protect against damage and keep your home in good condition.