Garbage Disposal Services in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica

Your garbage disposal is an incredibly important aspect of your home’s plumbing system.

Garbage disposal prevents major clogs from occurring in your kitchen pipes and drain — as long as it is functioning correctly. Broken garbage disposal can lead to bacteria and mold growth.

Not only will this buildup cause an unpleasant smell to emit from your drain, but it can be dangerous for your family. On top of that, a non-functioning garbage can cause clogs that may lead to extensive damage to your pipes.

Navien tankless water heater installed by Enviro Plumbing

"The experience from start to finish was very professional - the initial phone contact with Angel was very helpful and she arranged a service call immediately. The plumber, Jose Juarez, was skilled, personable, and efficient. He was knowledgeable and went out of his way to resolve my problem. I would highly recommend this company. It was a very positive experience."

Melanie B., via Google
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Navien tankless water heater installed by Enviro Plumbing in Santa Monica

If your home does not have a garbage disposal installed, there are numerous reasons to consider our professional installation services. For instance, the ability to successfully remove large chunks of food while cleaning in the kitchen is beyond useful. Instead of merely throwing food scraps in the garbage to fester, you can eliminate food debris. Without a garbage disposal, any food particles that find themselves in your drain can cause serious plumbing problems. Working garbage disposal will shred the problem effectively.

If you are contemplating having a new garbage disposal installed, contact our team today!